Hawkes Bay

new zealand National / Web Stocklists

Trade Tools 03-379-8160 Addington CA 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
George Henry Hornby 03-961-2777 Christchurch CA MS2900 www.georgehenry.co.nz
George Henry & Co. Ltd. 03 366-5186 Christchurch Cen CA MS2900 www.georgehenry.co.nz
Trade Tools 03-477-5882 Dunedin OT 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
Machinery House 09-2717-234 East Tamaki AU L343 www.machineryhouse.co.nz
Trade Tools 07-847-9798 Hamilton WK 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
Industrial Tooling 09-620-4169 Mt Roskill AU YYY0003 www.industrialtooling.co.nz
Steelmasters Co. 06-842-0096 Onekawa HB www.steelmasters.co.nz
Trade Tools 06-351-6000 Palmerston North MW 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
Steelmasters Co. 06-356-5635 Palmerston North MW www.steelmasters.co.nz
Trade Tools HD 09-525-8900 Penrose AU 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
Steelmasters Co.HD 09-579-8196 Penrose AU www.steelmasters.co.nz
Platemasters Auckland Ltd 09-579-1826 Penrose AU www.steelmasters.co.nz
Galvinizers Auckland Ltd 09-579-1826 Penrose AU www.steelmasters.co.nz
Trade Tools 04-566-2300 Petone WG 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
Bearing and Engineering Supplies 03-548-8642 Port Nelson AU BLACKBOOK-ENG www.bearingandengineering.co.nz
Bearing and Engineering Supplies 03-543-9834 Richmond AU BLACKBOOK-ENG www.bearingandengineering.co.nz
Trade Tools 07-347-9848 Rotorua BP 8600150 www.tradetools.co.nz
Revolution Industrial 1300 883 141 Seaford AU N404 www.revolutionindustrial.com
Steelmasters Co. 09-430-6407 Whangarei NO www.steelmasters.co.nz