The ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK is a Technical Engineering Resource Book consolidating the most commonly used Engineering information into an easy-to-read and convenient user-friendly format.

The Engineers Black Book is currently available in either the 2nd Edition(Metric) or 3rd Edition INCH(Imperial). In stores, the 3rd Edition INCH is only available in North America and the 2nd Edition is available only throughout the rest of the world.

Whether you are a Designer, Engineer, the Engineers Black Book is an invaluable tool for Apprentices, Trainees, Tradesmen, Machinists, Machine Shops, Tool Rooms, Technical Colleges, Fabricators, Sheet Metal Workers, even simply as a gift to a colleague.

Available in the following languages: English, Espanol, Dutch, French, Portuguese, German and Swedish.
Above pricing is only valid for the USA, other country pricing may differ.


The ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK has been manufactured with specially designed paper that offers superior protection for the rugged user. Each page is highly durable and tear resistant, in addition, each page surface is glare free for easy reading in bright conditions.

If kept in your back pocket, toolbox, truck floor or used in the field or in a hard workshop environment - each page is protected against dust, wear and in the case of handling the book with greasy hands - no problem - each page is barrier protected and can easily be wiped clean without stain.

Pocket Sized

At 166mm High x 108mm Wide, the ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK is extremely portable. It fits into your pocket, takes up little space on your bench and easily fits into you tool box or glove box. Capable of being held in one hand the Black Books are very convenient and trouble free to carry around.

Overall Size: 166mm (6.53" in) High x 108mm (4.25" in) Wide x 15.2mm (0.59" in) Thick
Weight: 240 grams, 8.46 oz (including FREE Adhesive Bookmarking Tabs)
Pages: 234 pg. ISBN# 0-9580571-4-1 , BARCODE# 9 780958 057141

Overall Size: 166mm (6.53" in) High x 108mm (4.25" in) Wide x 13.2mm (0.52" in) Thick
Weight: 180 grams, 6.34 oz (including Drill Point Sharpening Gage)
Pages: 164 pg. ISBN# 0-9580571-1-7 , BARCODE# 9 780958 057110

Overall Size: 166mm (6.53" in) High x 108mm (4.25" in) Wide x 13.5mm (0.53" in) Thick
Weight: 186 grams, 6.56 oz (including Drill Point Sharpening Gage)
Pages: 172 pg. ISBN# 0-9580571-2-5 , BARCODE# 9 780958 057127

Layflat Format

Designed with a WIRE-O binding system, the ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK offers the user an unassisted LAY FLAT reading experience.

Whether the book is mounted on your work bench or truck hood, the book will remain completely open (without assistance) and not spring closed like traditional binding methods.